Sunday 28th January 2018, 7.00pm

St Oswin’s, Church Road, Wylam, NE41 8AT

Total Tickets: 120
Prices: £6 or £20 Group Ticket (4 people)
Suitable for adults and children over 12.

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All of a winter’s night the lights are dimmed, the candles are lit, the atmosphere is heavy with anticipation…. the tale begins. Tonight, in contemporary language, we bring you a gripping, accessible and enjoyable performance of one of the greatest European legends ever told. 

Beowulf still has the power to raise the hairs on the back of the neck. It speaks of a hero’s life, a life mapped by three tremendous blood-curdling encounters. As a young man Beowulf defeats the monster Grendel and his even more terrifying Mother, the original creatures from the Black Lagoon. Then, as an old man, he tries his strength against a gold-guarding Fire-Drake (a dragon). Alongside these adrenalin-charged encounters the story explores the journey we all make from the seeming invincibility of youth to the heroic vulnerability of old age. Don’t miss it! 

Tonight’s performer is one of the foremost storytellers and writers in Britain. For over 30 years Hugh Lupton has brought poetry, humour, complexity and the classics to audiences around the country. 

“…Lupton summoned the poem back to a bloody and ferocious life….. There can have been few more rewarding ways of spending an evening … than in Lupton’s company.” (Birmingham Words, reviewing Beowulf)