The Blood Of A Poet


Friday 2nd February 2018, 1.30pm

Wylam Institute, Church Road, Wylam, NE41 8AP

Total Tickets: 80
Prices: £5

Blood of A Poet 1.jpg
Blood of A Poet 2.jpg

After her solo concert on Saturday night Anna Coogan appears once more for a matinee performance of her stirring live accompaniment to Jean Cocteau’s 1930 silent movie “The Blood of A Poet”. Considered an avant-garde classic the film is delivered in four distinct parts and comes in at just under 50 minutes in duration. This will be one of only two performances of the score that Anna will deliver as part of her UK tour in 2018.

Anna says “it’s just me and the guitar, with no vocals and more on the ambient side. The film itself is very avant-garde and for me the best way to enjoy it is to not try to make heads or tails of it, and just let it wash over you….. it’s more of a meditation. So I have some ambient stuff in there, trying to use a lot of sound effects.”