Winter Tales At Tom & Joe’s : Poetry & Story Telling


Monday 29th January 2018, 7pm

Wylam Nursery, Wylam, NE41 8EB

Total Tickets: 40
Price: £4

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This evening’s event is the fulfilment of a long held ambition - to hold a Festival event based on poetry, story telling and winter warmth in the wonderfully atmospheric (but admittedly chilly) surroundings of Tom & Joe’s Nursery after the winter sun has set. And so with the aid of subtle lighting, a warm stove and a willing and enthusiastic audience (appropriately wrapped up for the end of January), we bring a mix of poetry, prose and stories inspired by Winter Tales.

Taking part will be Jo Clement a gifted and intelligent poet based in Tyneside and carrying out a PhD inspired by the presence of Travellers in the tail piece engravings of local artist, naturalist and ecological pioneer Thomas Bewick. She muses that her selection this evening will have a crackly fireside feel and transport us into a world of fairs, horses, traditions and the lives of others not often told. Along with Jo we’ll be joined by Pam Pott from the Northumbrian Community. 

Pam will use her engaging style to share with us some short stories based on a winter theme and bring twists and turns worthy of a dark night and a welcoming hearth. We’ll also have some contributions helping us to see our local community through fresh eyes. With warming drinks on arrival and during the short interval, come along, cosy up and join in the wonder. Winter nights were made for this !

NB: Please do come with warm winter clothing, hats, gloves, scarves etc. The space will be heated but it may still be quite chilly. In the event of very bad weather we may have to cancel the event. Notice will be given the evening before on the Wylam Winter Tales website and via our Facebook and Twitter feeds.